How to Wear a Headscarf? 5 Ways to Do It

Wear a Headscarf for your next Saturday morning? These ideas might help you out a bit when trying for new hair decoration with head scarf.

How to Wear a Headscarf on Head and Face?

You can do this by using Shemagh scarf. The shemagh is a conventional Middle Eastern scarf or wrap usually used to protect the head and face from tough weather environments. The wrap has also become popular with British and U.S. military members, particularly those stationed in the Middle East, and is also worn by many outdoorsmen and survivalists. There are even some wear the shemagh in a casual fashion. Here are a few methods to try if you’re new to this particular sheet


  1. Close the shemagh into a triangle. When the shemagh are open, match a single corner with the other corner diagonally opposite from it, folding the square in half and into a triangle.
  2. Drape the shemagh over your forehead. Pull the folded edge of the shemagh over your head, put it anywhere amongst your hairline and your eyebrows.
  3. Pull the littler end under the chin. Wrap the port side, or the shorter side, of the sheet under the chin then up toward the back of your head.
  4. Pull the longer side across your face. Use your free hand, wrap the right side or the longer side across your face so that it covers your mouth and nose.
  5. Wrap the lengthier side over your pate. Stay wraps the longer close of the shemagh by carrying it up and over the top of your head. Shemagh’s edge should screen completely over your head, and the end should coarsely encounter the end on the opposite side.

How to Wear a Headscarf with Short Hair?

Dolce & Gabbana presented their stunning silk scarves last July, and the hip is still going strong. Crinkle your headscarf into thirds and tie around the polished updo to keep frizz from your hair. This is how you wear a headscarf for short hair.

Head scarf styles for short hair

You can also have Eva Mendes’ twisted headscarf look, by placing your scarf at the back of your neck with the ends in front. Join the two tops over each other, then turn them once more so the end you started with is in the same hand. Tug tightly and secure at the nape of your neck.

I love the way this fashion blogger punched up a simple striped maxi dress with a neon handbag and boldly patterned Tory Burch headscarf. When you’re wearing a quick no-fuss hairstyle, keep your makeup simple but impactful with a bright lip or a swipe of colored eyeliner.

How to Tie Head Scarf with African Style?

African hairstyle is one among popular head scarf styles. Do you want to wear a headscarf with african style? Then read the steps after the image.

How To Wrap Hair With Scarf African Style

  1. Tug your hair locksup into a high bun or Afro puff. Fold the headwrap in half and place it at the back of your head before pulling ends towards the front.
  2. Tie the wrap into a double-knot at the center.
  3. Tuck the ends of the fabric underneath towards the nape of your neck.
  4. Slide the fabric back just enough until it has the feel of a headband.

How To Wear A Scarf On Your Head with Islamic Style?

The following step-by-step hijab hutorials is an final guide to modern hijab fashion. You can pick any method from these according to your face type of whatever style you want. Hope you loved reading about hijab styling.

How To Wear a Headscarf hijab On Your Head Islamic Style

  1. Fold the scarf into a triangle.
  2. Put the scarf on your head with one side longer than the other and one under the chin.
  3. Grab the longer side and wrap it behind your head and bring it to the other side.
  4. Put the scarf behind your head and at the shoulder.

How To Tie A Headscarf For Cancer Patients?

For cancer patients, you can choose there head scarf styles to apply on your head.

How To Wear A Headscarf For Cancer Patients

Twisted Crown Head Scarf Style

  1. Middle the scarf on forehead
  2. Bring the ends forward like a towel
  3. Tightly twist the sides
  4. Continue to twist as you wrap around the crown of your head
  5. Tuck the ends under the beginning portion of the twist

Side Scarf Pony Head Scarf Style

  1. Middle the scarf on forehead
  2. Bring the sides to the nape of neck like a low ponytail
  3. Tie the knot at the nape of neck
  4. With each hand, grab a side and loosely twist them
  5. Bring each twist to the top of your head
  6. Place the twists over one eye and tie a knot
  7. Wrap the twists around each other two or three times
  8. Tuck this newly twisted section under the knot
  9. Let the ends fall down

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